The 2019 UIC Performance Conference, Brisbane

Be there or be late!

Brisbane, 15-16 October 2019
The 2019 UIC Performance Conference will be held in Brisbane on 15-16 October 2019. This year's conference is sponsored by our friends at Transit Australia Group with the venue kindly provided by TransLink.


Why is this important?
It has been proven time and time again that operational performance - punctuality and reliability - is the number one driver of customer satisfaction and unreliability and unpunctuality are the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction. If you want to learn more about this, and the science of improving operational performance, this conference is for you.
Who should attend?
Performance Managers and Directors
Commissioners, Public Transport Authorities and operators
Operational Managers with performance responsibility
People responsible for driving change on their networks
Public transport professionals interested in improving their services

The benefits of attending
The conference will provide you with an opportunity to:

(1) Meet people from other organisations, states and countries to learn about what they are doing in performance management
(2) Hear interesting speakers and see how performance management and improvement happens elsewhere
(3) Contribute to the development of best practice approaches to performance management and improvement
(4) Get up to date with the latest thinking and developments
(5) Clear your brain and focus on performance

The programme and speakers
The programme for 2019 will follow the highly successful formula established in previous years providing a variety of learning, structured networking opportunities and fun for all participants.

As usual, we'll be aiming for a senior Keynote Speaker, a mixture of speakers from operators and authorities across Australia alongside an international speaker. If you've got an interesting performance topic you'd like to speak about, please get in touch.

The speakers confirmed so far are:

John Calabro, Chief Operations Officer, Transit Australia Group. Not everyone realises that the foundations of all modern quality improvement methodologies are built on the work of Walter Shewhart, an American statistician, who devised the principles of Statistical Process Control, in particular developing the Control Chart. Of those who learn about this, few go on to apply it properly. Transit Australia Group is an exception and John will explain how he has personally led the use of Statistical Process Control in operations. This will include real examples of measurable success - and a few dead ends encountered on the way. If you are experienced in operational performance improvement and want to take things to the next level, this session is for you.

International Speaker - Keith Palmer, Head of Performance & Planning, Greater Anglia. Keith last spoke at our UK Performance Conference in 2017. Since then he has been busy improving things. In this session Keith will explain how he has not bothered with any of the current fads, instead using the tried-and-tested approach of Pareto Analysis, followed by more Pareto Analysis. As a result, Greater Anglia's Delay Minutes have reduced by over 50% per period compared to last year (and counting) and PPM (a UK rail industry performance measure) has been at the highest levels for 6 years. Quite rightly, Greater Anglia were the most recent winner of the 'Golden Whistle', the UK rail industry's award for improved performance. They would have won the 'Silver Whistle' as well but that was against the rules. Keith will explain how he went about it (Spoiler alert: Pareto Analysis). Just so Keith and colleagues don't get complacent, Greater Anglia has also just embarked upon a complete fleet replacement programme and, in his spare time, Keith is also responsible for train planning. We strongly suggest you collar him over drinks and suck his brain dry. Keith's session is for you if you want real practical tips on how to improve performance (clue: Pareto it).

Iain MacDonald, Performance Manager, Sydney Trains. Iain is relatively new in his post being a fleet engineer by background. However, in a previous existence, he was the Performance Manager for ScotRail and was therefore the obvious choice for this role in Sydney Trains as they have ramped up their levels of service (and with it the potential for things to go wrong) over the last few years. Iain will cover how to go about raising the level of awareness of why operational performance is important and how to go about improving it across the organisation. He will then go on to explain how he has set up and structured his team and what processes he has had to put in place. This session is for you if your organisation is tinkering with operational performance improvement and wants to do it properly instead.

As well as our Guest Speakers, there will be some input from ourselves. Rebecca Coates, Managing Director of the UIC here in Australia will pick up where John Calabro left off and provide some practical tips on Control Charting. We also asked Richard Capper, our beloved founder, if he wanted to say a few words. "I can do my usual rambling". This probably means he'll talk about keeping customers happy with a side order of railway stories and photographs from his extensive travels. Rebecca's session is for you if you are serious about improvement. Richard's session is for you if you are passionate about improvement, public transport or both.

Download the overview PDF


What is performance management?
There are many aspects of 'performance'.

Different organisations and industries measure different things. This conference will focus on 'Operational Performance' - principally the measurement and management of delays and cancellations.

Whatever the mode, there is a plan i.e. the timetable. On any day, there is variation from the plan. The objective of Performance Management is to understand the causes of variation from the plan and then:

(1) On the day run as close to the plan as possible
(2) Gather data to identify actions to get closer to the plan over time
(3) Gather data that helps to improve the plan next time round
(4) Report results to those who need to know

Times and venue
Our reception desk will be open and refreshments available from 11.30 on Tuesday with lunch at 12.00 and kick-off at 13.00. Formal proceedings close at 17.00.

We will then adjourn to somewhere yet to be decided for some informal drinks and networking. For those of you who hate 'networking', this won't be awful. Our job will be to introduce people to others who have something in common or they can learn from - and you should have plenty of questions for our speakers.

On Wednesday, we will start at 09.00 and finish at 13.00.

These times are designed to suit interstate travellers.

The venue will be 61 Mary Street in Brisbane's CBD, an easy 15 minute walk from Central Station and the Airtrain.

The cost and how to book
1 participant $495 + GST
2 participants $800 + GST
3 participants $900 + GST
4 participants $950 + GST
5 participants $1000 + GST
6 participants $1050 + GST

We believe that the ideal number of attendees from any organisation is a minimum of two up to a maximum of six, so our pricing structure reflects that.

Discount for Kestrel users
If your organisation uses the UIC's Kestrel software, please tick the box on the booking form to receive a 10% discount.