The 2012 UIC Performance Conference, Melbourne

The 2012 UIC Performance Conference was held on 22 February in Melbourne. With a remarkable variety of top quality speakers, the conference attracted a wide range of attendees from all modes of transport and nearly all states and territories of Australia. On this page you will find details of the speakers and copies of their presentations.

Keynote Speaker - Hector McKenzie, Director of Public Transport, Department of Transport, Victoria

Hector McKenzie
    Hector dispelled a number of myths around Performance Management to set the scene for the day. His key messages were that cooperation between Authority and Operator was essential in order to achieve success and that one size will not fill all states, territories or networks.

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Andrew Lezala, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Trains Melbourne

Andrew Lezala
    Andrew talked us through how Metro have seen real improvements in all areas of their business by analysing processes in their 'Visualisation Rooms' and expressed the importance of good leadership when going about any performance improvement drive.

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Richard Capper, The Universal Improvement Company

Richard Capper
    Richard took the need for good performance right back to his days as a Booking Clerk and Train Controller on the railways in the UK. He also took us through what he thinks an organisation needs to put in place to improve performance.

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Anna Chau, Principal, Booz Consulting

Anna Chau
    Anna took us through the key recommendations she makes to both Authorities and Operators when asked to analyse performance based on her extensive experience working on both sides of the world.

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Stephen Banaghan, Director Rail, TransLink Transit Authority

Stephen Banaghan
    Steve gave us the Authority perspective from Queensland and talked us through the recent journey TransLink and Queensland Rail have been on with on-time running.

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Norman Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Public Transport Division, Department of Transport (Victoria)

Norman Gray
    Norman gave us the Authority viewpoint from Victoria and took us through their approach to improvement via the Network Development Partnership which involves both the Authority and the Operators in the decision making process.

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Maureen Dominey, Operations Performance Manager, London Overground Rail Operations Limited

Maureen Dominey
    Maureen travelled all the way from London specifically to speak at the conference. Her presentation showed that sometimes simple changes can dramatically improve performance and that a structured approach is needed to see real changes.

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Duncan Smith, Network and Performance Director, Yarra Trams

Duncan Smith
    Duncan gave us a very honest perspective about the challenges faced by Yarra Trams and how a focus on data analysis has led to improvements in performance.

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Professor John Stanley, Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney

Professor John Stanley
    John presented a different viewpoint on managing performance and had some ideas as to how things should be managed to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding population.

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Thanks to the UITP
The conference was run with the help of and in collaboration with UITPANZ. The UITP is the global advocacy organisation for public transport.