The 2014 UIC Performance Conference, Brisbane

Having visited Melbourne in 2012 and Sydney in 2013, the 2014 conference
took place in Brisbane on 8 October 2014.

The programme and speakers
We were delighted to be joined by Neil Scales, Director-General of Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads to say a few words of welcome at the Drinks Reception in the evening prior to the conference.

Our Keynote Speaker to open the conference was Stephen Banaghan, Deputy Director General of the TransLink Division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Next up was Ian Cushion, Manager, Network Performance at Yarra Trams. Ian and his team have been carrying out several very interesting performance improvement projects of late and, in particular have been rolling out responsibility for data analysis to the operational managers at depot level.

As usual our very own Richard Capper took a sideways view of 'Performance Improvement and All That'.

Jay Kronenberg was our Queensland Rail speaker. Jay is one of the 'go to guys' if you want to know anything about operational performance in the organisation. Queensland Rail has an enviable record for on-time running and Jay shared some of the fascinating work done to achieve this.

From New Zealand, Colin Homan is Public Transport Service Delivery Manager of Auckland Transport and provided us with an overview of the remarkable transformation of public transport in Auckland.

Our International Speaker for 2014 was Mike Davidge. As an extra bonus, not only is Mike from another country, he is also from another industry - healthcare. Mike has held the role of Head of Measurement in the NHS Modernisation Agency and is currently holding down two jobs - a Director at NHS Elect and Head of Improvement Methodology, 1000 Lives Improvement Service. What did we learn from how 'performance' is measured and improved in another industry? Lots!

Completing our run of speakers from the host state were Danica Fannin, Tina Phelan, Ben Murphy and Nathan Munce from TransLink who updated us on some of the latest data becoming available for the purposes of performance improvement and some interesting ways to use it.

Our final speaker was Colin Jennings, Managing Director at Transdev in Queensland, who gave us a candid insight into the complexities of running an operation.