2nd Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference, May 2008

Louise Parrott-Bates, Director of Employment, Pure Innovations Ltd
Corporate Planning Process - The Second Time Around

Those who attended the 2007 conference saw Doug Creswell, Chief Executive of Pure Innovations Ltd, giving a keynote speech on 'Transforming an Organisation using UIMPROVE' . Louise picked up the story where Doug left off by taking us through how they've managed to keep the momentum as the company continues to expand.

Pat Birt, Patient and Public Involvement Manager
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Using Customer Data to Drive Improvement

Pat is one of the most knowledgeable and practiced people out there when it comes to using data to drive improvement. As Patient and Public Involvement Manager, she shared with us some of the challenges and successes of using patient data in an NHS Trust.

Better Practice Exchange
"Did I say Best, I did not, I said Better" Dr W. Edwards Deming

Feedback from the 2007 conference told us that people wanted more time to talk to each other. The Better Practice Exchange achieved this in a structured and productive fashion, and gave people the chance to explore how other organisations make the best use of their Facilitators.

Flowcharting with Steve and Dave

UIC Consultants Steve and Dave took us through the history of flowcharting and how to construct a Deployment Flowchart and gave practical demonstration. The new UIMPROVE booklet - Flowcharting - was unveiled to an astounded audience and handed out as part of this session. The booklet includes a reprint of the classic 1921 paper 'Process Charts' by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth.

Annual Pub Quiz

Controversy reigned this game when Marg Way from Bayside Health, Melbourne trashed the other teams in the 'Australia' round.
The winning team received a cheque of £250 made out to their nominated charity. This year Cotswold House - a supported housing charity for homeless young women - was the beneficiary.

Lorraine O'Brien, Director of Service Improvement
Bradford Community Housing Trust Group

How can UIMPROVE be applied effectively in a large organisation?

Lorraine's role is to co-ordinate improvement activity across a Group which employs 1200 staff, including 200 managers. She talked about how she kick-started the process of UIMPROVE-ing the Annual Project Planning Process with the support of 12 key managers and a dozen very enthusiastic Facilitators.

Jason Pollard and Eunice Wood, Bradford Community Housing Trust Group
Facilitation in Action

The 12 UIMPROVE Facilitators in BCHT have facilitated events attended by over 600 of their staff. Jason and Eunice gave us an up-to-date report on how things are going and talked about some of their facilitation assignments.

Andrew Radford, Route Performance Manager, Gatwick Express
In Court with UIMPROVE

UIMPROVE has many applications outside the workplace and we are always interested in people's anecdotes about planning holidays with post-its and doing Ishikawa diagrams with the kids. One story which particularly interested us came from Andrew, who was trained as a Facilitator in 2006. He told us how he had served on a jury where he was elected Foreman and used his facilitation skills to ensure a balanced contribution from all.

Question and Answer Panel

Once again, a testing range of questions was put to the panel, this year made up of Richard, Pat Birt, Andrew Radford, Louise Parrott-Bates and Lorraine O'Brien.

A Tribute to Dr Juran

The second UIC session was a tribute to Dr Joseph Juran who died in February 2008 aged 103. We looked at his life, influences and key lessons for management.


Jim Mitchell and Rab Lindsay, Fife Council

Andrew Radford (Gatwick Express), Andy Mead (National Express) and Mark Hendry (Southern) show that there is still a lot of love between the different railway companies

Pat Birt, Beverley Parker, Helen Nelson and Johanna Ashworth-Jones, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust. Pat was a guest speaker, her topic being Using Customer Data to Drive Improvement

Chris Rowbottom and Marianne Richards
Weaver Vale Housing Trust

James Gillies and Liz Wright
West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre

Nicola Pratt (South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) and Margaret King (Torbay Care Trust) watch their colleague Stuart Goodchild do his world-famous peanut catching trick

Louise Parrott-Bates, Fiona Morrison and Anna Butler from Pure Innovations Limited. Louise's inspirational keynote speaker session provided a fantastic start to the conference

Mike Davidge and Ros Boddington. Both are old friends and have helped many parts of the NHS improve

Lindsay Woodward (Leicestershire County and Rutland PCT) and Marg Way (Bayside Health). Lindsay travelled all the way from Leicestershire and Marg all the way from Australia for the conference

Lorraine O'Brien, Tamsin Wilson, Eunice Wood, Amanda Blake and Jason Pollard, Bradford Community Housing Trust Group. Lorraine was the keynote speaker on day 2 covering how the organisation is adopting UIMPROVE. Jason and Eunice followed with some of their experiences of facilitation and how they are beginning an in-house programme of training using their UIMPROVE Licence


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