5th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference, May 2011

The 5th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference was held on 16-17 May 2011 in Bournville, Birmingham. The conference is the flagship event in the UIC calendar and this page gives you an overview of the range of speakers and topics which were on the agenda in 2011. Here you can watch a video of each speaker's session, listen to advice from our question and answer panel and view photos of the attendees.

Michael Newey, Chief Executive, Broadland Housing Group
Infinity and beyond!

The Keynote Speaker for 2011 was Michael Newey, Chief Executive of Broadland Housing Group. Michael initially attended the 2009 conference to see what all this UIMPROVE stuff was about and has subsequently been busy implementing the approach. Amongst other things he covers here are the 'initial shock', Annual Planning and how to get it right, the difference having Facilitators has made to the organisation, tips for Facilitators and using the skills they've learned with external organisations.

Michael Newey

Chris Prior, First Great Western

Chris trained as a UIMPROVE Facilitator in 2009 alongside a number of his colleagues. In his session he talks about how First Great Western have used UIMPROVE for problem solving, project planning and strategic planning against the backdrop of a highly complex operational environment. He has also come prepared with some flipcharts to share with the audience all in a 'here's some I made earlier' style session.

Chris Prior

Adam Clark, Broadland Housing Group
Reach for the sky!

Adam has been working as a UIMPROVE Facilitator since 2009 and has already got himself a reputation at Broadland as someone who's always ready to have a go at some of their more tricky assignments. Here, he picks up from where Michael left off and explores not only the organisation's journey with UIMPROVE but his own personal journey as a Facilitator. He also looks at how he wished he'd planned his bathroom renovations in the same way that he's planned some of his assignments!

Adam Clark

Andrew Fordyce, South Devon Health Care NHS Foundation Trust
Simulating and Implementing Change

Andrew was volunteered to speak at the 2011 conference after foolishly accepting a free cup of tea from Richard. He had been speaking enthusiastically about a project he has been involved in that has radically improved one of the key services at South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. This started with listening to what the customer wanted - in this case an old lady lying in pain on the floor at home waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Here he answers the age old improvement
question - just who is going to look after the budgie?

Richard and Andrew Fordyce

Annual Pub Quiz

We had a clear winning team this year who donated their prize cheque to Shelter.

The Winning Team

Mike Davidge, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Fun and Games with a Measurement Twist

Back by popular demand for the third time, Mike Davidge - everybody's favourite data expert - runs a thought provoking session on measurement and the importance of accurate operational definitions. And what better way to get his point across than to read a chapter from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and then get everybody to count out M&Ms?

Mike Davidge and some willing workers

Lou Tribus, Ravenstone School
Goats, Chickens and Dogs (is this a school or a farm?)

This was also the third year that we were privileged to be joined by Lou Tribus, daughter of one of the UIC's management heroes Myron Tribus. Here Lou explores how she uses quality tools in her role as a teacher how the principles of quality and improvement can be transferred to any setting.

Richard with Lou Tribus

Jane Newsham and Melanie Sheargold, The Regenda Group

Jane and Melanie were the first two Facilitators that we trained at The Regenda Group and in this highly entertaining session they take the audience through their journey from being the only Facilitators in the organisation to part of a critical mass of people practising UIMPROVE.

Melanie Sheargold

Jane Newsham

Angela Salami, Director of Neighbourhood Services, City South Manchester Housing Trust
UIMPROVE at City South

Angela Salami is the Director of Neighbourhood Services at City South Manchester Housing Trust. We have had speakers from City South at the 2009 and 2010 conferences and this year it was Angela's turn to pick up the story and cover the link from organisational strategy to a Team Event for her core managers to delivery for the customer.

Angela Salami

Question and Answer Panel

This year the panel was made up of Richard, Lou Tribus, Andrew Fordyce, Marianne Richards and Adam Clark.

The Panel

Marianne and Adam



Alex Hasson, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Angela Salami and Dave Power, City South Manchester Housing Trust

Danny Cepok, Fife Council and Alison

Helen Simms, Saxon Bond, Belinda Naylor and Ian Shepherd, South Yorkshire Housing Association

Helen Scott (PeopleBiz+Ltd) and Liz Sharkey (Learning Partnerships)

Jason Pollard and Sally Redfern, Incommunities

Kevin Moynes and Tim Ryley, NHS Stockport

John Baker and Adri Bester, London South Bank University

Jim Maxwell and Bob Harwood (Southeastern) and Mark Hendry (Southern)

Louise Parrott-Bates and Kirsteen Green, Pure Innovations

Melanie Sheargold, Jane Newsham, Tracey Wilson and Stephanie Bridges, The Regenda Group

Michael Newey, Dave Gooda, Maureen McDonald-Cooke and Adam Clark, Broadland Housing Group

Mike Davidge (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement) and Nisha Sankey (NHS Worcestershire)

Rachael Campbell (Torbay Care Trust) and Andrew Fordyce (South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust)

Stuart McLay, Chris Prior and George Hart, First Great Western

Sue Knell and Carol Elkerton, Great Yarmouth Community Trust


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