6th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference, May 2012

The 6th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference was held on 14-15 May 2012 in Sheffield. The conference is the highlight of the UIC calendar and below you will find photos from the event and videos from the speakers.

Bernard Gallagher, Chief Executive, The Regenda Group

Bernard Gallagher
    The Keynote Speaker for 2012 was Bernard Gallagher, Chief Executive at The Regenda Group. Bernard first started using UIMPROVE in January 2011 when he and his Executive Team attended the Strategic Improvement Programme and he's gone on to implement the approach across the whole Group, where it is known as 'The Regenda Way'. Amongst other things, Bernard covered:
The journey from 'fishing trip' to implementing The Regenda Way
Transforming Group Annual Planning
What difference having Facilitators has made to the organisation
Moving from managing the 15% to managing and improving the 85%
Leading UIMPROVE from the top


Facilitator speakers

Tom Lamb
        Tom Lamb is both a Facilitator and Facilitator Coordinator at City South Manchester Housing Trust. Tom was invited to train as a Facilitator in Autumn 2011 after his Chief Executive and Director of Neighbourhoods attended the 2011 conference and realised they weren't making the most of their Facilitator resource. Tom took us through his own personal journey since then in the context of how his organisation has improved its use of Facilitators.


Sharon Georghiou and Tamsin Cooper
        Sharon Georghiou and Tamsin Cooper are Facilitators at The Regenda Group and picked up where Bernard left off linking day-to-day facilitation with the big picture. Sharon and Tamsin began their training in 2011 and since then have been part of a thriving and active team of Facilitators. Their presentation explored how Facilitators are used in The Regenda Group and focussed particularly on some of their more challenging assignments.


Other treats for 2012

Nicky Thurlbeck
        Nicky Thurlbeck attended the first ever Annual UIMPROVE Facilitator Conference when she was part of a team of Facilitators at South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. 6 years on and Nicky found herself in a fresh environment, as Head of Nursing at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where nobody around her has heard of UIMPROVE. Nicky talked us through the challenges and opportunities she faces as a 'lone voice' in a new organisation.


Steve Bailey
        Steve Bailey is Head of Operations at train operating company First Great Western which operates suburban, rural and long distance trains across a vast swathe of England from London Paddington to Penzance and into South Wales. Steve talked about how he and his organisation are applying UIMPROVE in a highly complex operational environment and what his experience has been of managing Facilitators in his team. He was particularly honest about his own initial resistance to 'another training course' and what changed his mind. Make sure you watch Steve's presentation right through to the end to see some video clips of some other converts.


Lou Tribus
        Once again we were privileged to be joined by Lou Tribus, daughter of one of our great heroes, Myron Tribus. In 2011 Lou talked about how she had been using improvement principles as a teacher at Ravenstone School in London. This year she picked up the thread and talked about 'finding learning in unexpected places'.


Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive, Great Yarmouth Community Trust

Andrew Forrest
        We had Andrew on a post-it for our 2013 Keynote Speaker. However his organisation has faced a number of topical challenges throughout 2011 and in to 2012 and we thought 'why wait a year?'. So our second Keynote Speaker for 2012 was Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive at Great Yarmouth Community Trust. Andrew's organisation had faced a major cut in their funding. At the same time, he and his team decided to adopt UIMPROVE wholesale and in his presentation he explored the rapid transformation that he's taken his organisation through since then and how the application of UIMPROVE has helped them to achieve this.



Photo gallery

Liverpool Housing Trust and Contour Homes

The Regenda Group

Great Yarmouth Community Trust

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

London South Bank University

Great Ormond Street Hospital and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Fife Council

Broadland Housing Group.

City South Manchester Housing Trust

Weaver Vale Housing Trust

South Yorkshire Housing Association

First Great Western

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