7th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference, May 2013

The 7th Annual UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference was held on 13-14 May 2013 in Sheffield. Below you will find photos from the event and videos of the speakers.

Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive, Great Yarmouth Community Trust
It's MORE than Post-its
Our Journey - Doing Whole Organisation Change

We had a fantastic start to the conference welcoming back Andrew as our Keynote Speaker. Andrew explains how UIMPROVE has helped Great Yarmouth Community Trust survive, grow and realign its portfolio of services in difficult economic times. He also explains how his thinking as a leader has changed.

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Lynn Temple, Facilitator and Improvement Coordinator, Great Yarmouth Community Trust
My Journey with UIMPROVE

Lynn explains how she has developed the role of Improvement Coordinator and also how being trained as a Facilitator has improved her own confidence. Lynn takes us through the lessons she learned having facilitated Corporate Annual Planning for the Executive Team.

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Danny Cepok, Fife Council
Kirkcaldy's Ambitions
Could this Simple Post-it note revive our Town Centre?

Danny is a long-standing UIMPROVE user so he knew exactly what to do when asked to run an event to kick-start the regeneration of Kirkcaldy's town centre with a wide range of participants including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. To quote the front page of the local newspaper "could this simple post-it revive our town centre?". Yes it can.

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Joanne Cartwright and Julia Brinsdon, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust
From Kick-Start to Culture

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Stephanie Harrison, Julie Vincent, Kellie Darracott and Tracy Walker, The Regenda Group

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Jane Kovacs, Quality Learning Australia
Improving Learning and Learning how to Improve

Jane was fresh off the plane from Australia to share ways that schoolchildren and teachers can improve education with the help of Deming’s philosophy. She enlightened us with how an 8 year old can produce Deployment Flowcharts and Ishikawa Diagrams with ease.

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Sharron Dyett, Claire Matthews and James Highmore, South Yorkshire Housing Association
Graduates and Facilitators

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