The 2019 UIMPROVE Conference

The 2019 UIMPROVE Conference was held on 15-16 July 2019. Below you will find videos of all the speakers and photos from the event.

Keynote Speaker - Dave Power, One Manchester

Dave is the UIC's oldest client, having first started applying the quality philosophies at Liverpool Housing Trust, then Great Places, City South Manchester and latterly One Manchester.

Dave's Keynote Speech was, true to form, fairly mind-blowing, covering all bases from how he has applied UIMPROVE's tools and techniques day-to-day to the shifting nature of work itself in the face of technology and an uncertain future.

Dave also spoke of one of the key challenges of leadership - namely running the organisation of today and building the organisation of tomorrow.

Andrew Forrest, Great Yarmouth Community Trust

Andrew is a firm favourite at the UIMRPOVE Conference and his presentation always get to the heart of quality thinking, in particular remaining steadfast to organisational purpose. This year, Andrew spoke from the heart about the commitment his organisation has to vulnerable people in Great Yarmouth, and the dilemmas they he as faced sharpening GYCT's commercial acumen in order to continue helping people improve their life chance.

Lou Tribus

Lou provided us with a highly entertaining and insightful presentation this year covering everything from the Three Little Pigs to Deployment Flowcharting. Her focus was the flow of 'custom' throughout an organisation and Deming's belief that we need to better understand who depends on whom in an organisation.

Adam Dale and Tom Guerin, One Manchester

We were delighted when Adam and Tom accepted our invitation to speak at the UIMPROVE Conference. As some of One Manchester's newest Facilitators, they provided some candid insights into what life as a new Facilitator is like, the benefits its has brought them and some tips for managers when it comes to training and developing a pool of Facilitators.

Jane Cole, Blackpool Transport

We were thrilled to welcome Jane back to the UIMPROVE Conference following her 2016 Keynote Speech. She revisited her beginnings at Blackpool Transport and the modernisation journey her organisation has been on. She brought us up-to-date with the shifts in their strategic direction and how effectively her organisation has responded to myriad external challenges, all the while improving the lives of people in Blackpool.

Malcolm Holmes, West Midlands Rail Executive

Malcolm has been a friend of the UIC and an advocate of UIMPROVE for many years in various guises. We have been particularly excited to work with Malcolm recently as he has taken on the role of Executive Director at West Midlands Executive, an organisation that is quietly revolutionising the railway in the West Midlands. Watch on to find out about the story so far.

Alison Levings, The UIC

This year's UIC input came from our Australian colleague Alison, who has been developing the UIC's thinking around 'The Marzipan Layer', the 'Next Tier Down', or as one of our clients calls it, "the place where the rubber hits the road". Alison took us through the vital importance of this layer of management and what organisations can do make sure they are operating at their best.

Michael Cook, Thirteen

We enjoyed Michael's slot so much at the 2017 Performance Conference that we invited him back to share his enthusiasm for data at the UIMPROVE Conference. In his words, "this is where the magic happens", and his presentation was an important reminder that real improvement only happens when you understand what your processes are telling you.

Mike Davidge, NHS Elect

Mike wrapped up the conference with his usual aplomb this year by taking us through his '7 steps to measurement' and the importance of clarity when it comes to determining what to measure, over what period, with what regularity and for what purpose.

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