Leader Speaks

Malcolm Holmes
West Midlands
Rail Executive
Leader Speaks

Madeleine Lawler
Coffs Harbour
Leader Speaks

Norris Carter
North Queensland Airports
Leader Speaks

Issy Taylor
One Manchester
Leader Speaks

Peter Milward
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
And Main Roads
Leader Speaks

Andrew Forrest
Great Yarmouth Community Trust
Leader Speaks

Judith Burbidge
Weaver Vale Housing Trust
Leader Speaks

Dave Power
City South Manchester
Housing Trust
Executive Event
Leader Speaks

Steve Jennings
Weaver Vale Housing Trust
Leaders Speaks

Louise Parrott-Bates
and Doug Cresswell
Pure Innovations Ltd
Leader Speaks

Sarah Reiter
Leader Speaks

and 'rattometer'
Leader Speaks

Michael Newey
Broadland Housing Group
Leader Speaks

Matt Longland
TransLink Executive Event
Boonah 1



Leader Speaks

A Leader Speaks is an opportunity for you to stand up in front of your team and tell them what's on your mind. This is a key session at a Team Event, Strategy Development Event, Executive Event, Departmental Event or Interface Event.

You can learn how to design and deliver a Leader Speaks on our Universal Leadership Skills course. If you have attended this course, use your password to access the latest versions of the Leader Speaks Guidelines or refer to the 'leading your team' section of The Complete Guide to Leadership.

What leaders have said about Leader Speaks

"It's a fundamental opportunity to communicate key messages to your team in a manner that can't be done any other way"
"A Leader Speaks is your chance to set the direction, where you're coming from and what you stand for"
"It gets you to put your thoughts in order and that enables you to work out which the important ones are"