Overview of what we do

We are an organisational improvement specialist with Consultants based in the UK, Holland and Australia. We work in a wide variety of organisations and industries and we have many long-standing clients dating right back to when we were founded in 1992.

Organisational improvement

Clients get the best results when we carry out a variety of activities over a number of years. However we donít sell 'initiatives'. Instead we sit down with a potential client, listen to what is going on in the organisation and make some suggestions as to what we might do together. If we get this right, we do the job. Then we sit down again, review the results and think about what we might do next. Therefore our clients don't have to commit to a big spend and can find out if they like the approach and the results it achieves.

Organisational improvement is not just for poorly performing organisations. We also work regularly with high performance organisations to help them make sure they stay on top of the game.

Typical organisational improvement activities are:

Strategic Improvement Programme - aimed at the top tiers of the organisation to equip senior managers with the skills they need to improve their organisation on an industrial scale
Facilitator Development Programme - creates an internal resource for improvement
Strategy Development Events - we will facilitate the Executive Team in the development of organisational strategy and then implementation right through the organisation

Training courses

We run a variety of training courses, the most popular of which are:

Universal Improvement Skills
Universal Leadership Skills
Universal Data Skills
Control Your Processes

These are ideal when you have a number of people you want to skill up in specific areas.

Facilitated Events

The idea of a 'Facilitated Event' is to get a group of people in a room together and accomplish something in a structured and participative manner. We don't run talking shops, instead we run events with real outputs. We take the stress out of you having to run such activities for yourself. You can think about the topic, participate and lead instead of worrying about how things are going.

Our most popular Facilitated Events are:

Executive Events - for the top tier of an organisation
Strategy Development Events - do what the name suggests
Project Kick-Starts - gets a specific project off to the best possible start
Team Events - for management teams who want to do some real work and improve the way they work together
Leadership Forum - brings together the top three tiers of an organisation

Project Management

We have an excellent track record of transforming the way projects are set up and run in organisations. People unfamiliar with our approach will often groan when they are told they are attending project management training. This soon changes when they learn our practical and participative approach.

Some activities related to Project Management are:

Annual Planning - a facilitated activity to identify and set up all the projects that need carrying out over the coming 12 months
Project Kick-Starts - a Facilitated Event to involve a wide range of people and get a project off to the best possible start

The approach and how we work with you

What differentiates our approach to many others is that it is not a fad or a tool kit. Our approach - we call it UIMPROVE - has rigorous philosophical foundations based on the work of the improvement giants, people like Shewhart, Deming, Juran and Tribus, and is well thought through. We have been consistently working in the same way for 25 years, continuously improving how we do things based on experience with our clients in the real world. UIMPROVE is an integrated approach that links Improvement (Strategy, Projects and Processes) with Leadership, Teamworking and Data. It is practical, participative but above all tried-and-tested.

We don't want to sell you product. What we do instead is work closely with you to find out what you and your organisation need. If we do a good job, you are likely to be a client for a long time and that is what we want. It's better for you, and it's more rewarding for us!


It is also possible for organisations to provide all our courses and events in-house under licence.

The first steps

Contact us for a no-obligation meeting. One of our Consultants will come along and find out what's going on in your organisation, what your priorities are and any areas of concern you might have. We will then suggest some options for you to consider.

Alternatively send a couple of bright sparks on one of our public Universal Improvement Skills courses and see what they think.

It's as easy as that.

Our prices

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