Strategic Improvement Programme

What is the Strategic Improvement Programme?

The Strategic Improvement Programme is much more than training. It is integrated with activity back in the workplace that has the potential to transform your organisation. Attendees will learn how to go about organisational improvement, develop and implement strategy, set up and run projects, improve systems and processes and much more.

The programme runs in a 3-day + 2-day + 2-day format and attendees are expected to carry out real pieces of work in between modules. These are not 'made up projects' but 'real work' - typically strategically important projects from the corporate plan. The difference is that the programme will help the attendees carry these out in a much more structured and effective fashion.

Who should attend?

The Strategic Improvement Programme is aimed at the 'top tiers' of the organisation specifically at Chief Executives, Directors and senior to middle managers who:

(1) Lead or champion projects, i.e. either carry out project work themselves or delegate projects to others
(2) Are responsible for some form of 'routine operation'
(3) Run meetings
(4) Lead a team, i.e. have line management responsibility

What attendees will be able to do

Organisational improvement and strategy

Understand how to go about organisational improvement
Understand the underpinning philosophy
Understand the link between philosophy, strategy, projects and routine operation
Understand the link between organisational improvement and corporate governance
Develop and implement strategy
Adopt a consistent approach across the organisation
Understand some of the jargon and fads that are around


Develop projects in line with organisational strategy
Establish an annual plan of all the projects they and their team need to carry out
Steer projects
Push project work 'down' the organisation
Involve people in a systematic and participative manner
Champion projects
Lead projects
Kick-start, refocus and review projects
Use the UIMPROVE Projects Framework, associated methodologies and tools
Work with a Facilitator


Understand Systems Thinking
Work on a process to analyse and improve it
Measure how a process is performing
Manage routine operation
Set up day-to-day work so that it runs smoothly


Run effective meetings
Use tools and techniques in meetings
Ensure balanced contribution and participation at meetings
Be aware of how their behaviour affects meetings
Model positive meeting behaviours
Work with a Facilitator

Style and structure

What participants learn is practical, tried-and-tested and underpinned by good theory. The programme comprises three interlocking modules. Participants will need to attend the whole programme as the modules are not designed to stand-alone. Within each module there will be a mixture of:

Input - both educational and skills-based
Application of the learning to real-life situations
Learning from what others are doing
Surgery work - we will use our extensive experience to answer any tricky questions
Planning and review of real work undertaken between modules


Click here for the Strategic Improvement Programme Briefing Note.

SIP        SIP
Strategic Improvement Programme
for Weaver Vale Housing Trust
       Strategic Improvement Programme
for NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health
You can hear Steve Jennings, Chief Executive of WVHT speak at the 2010 UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference        See the video of Maurya Cushlow at the 2009 UIMPROVE Facilitators Conference