Strategy Development

Purpose and format

This activity is intended for the Executive Team in an organisation (or sometimes large departments) to review and develop organisational or departmental philosophy and strategy.

The exact content will be tailor-made to suit the circumstances. Strategy review and development, business and project planning or work on any specific areas can all be included. Work on both how the strategy is developed, cascaded and implemented and what the strategy should be can be included. The style will be highly practical - no wishy-washy mission statements here - but will ensure that searching questions are asked and addressed and difficult decisions identified.

This type of activity usually requires 2 days. If starting from scratch, it is not unusual for longer to be needed. However the activity gets easier and quicker year-on-year.


Possible contents

The content needs to be designed to fit the situation and can include:

Individual Work - Strategic Review
Leader Speaks
Philosophy development
Review of existing strategy
Scoping of new strategies
Strategy development and deployment
Design of an Annual Corporate Planning Process
Annual Planning - production of a Project Steering Grid for the coming 12 months
Strategy teach in

The Organisational Activity Model

This is one of the models used for developing philosophy, strategy and resulting projects:

The Organisational Activity Model explains the different types of activity in an organisation and puts strategy development into context. Work that impacts on the customer is carried out through routine operation. Routine operation is improved through projects. Projects are set up as a result of strategy. Strategy is developed as a result of philosophy - aims, values and so on.


Click here for the Strategy Development Briefing Note.