The UIC at a glance

We are an organisational improvement specialist providing consultancy, facilitation and training in strategy development and implementation, project management, process improvement, teamworking, leadership and data.
We also provide a variety of specialist IT systems.
With consultants based in Australia, Holland and the UK, we work in a wide variety of industries and organisations at all levels from Chief Executive to front-line staff and also run a programme of public courses and conferences.
We were established in the UK in 1992 and have been working in Australia since 1999 with a proven track record for getting results through UIMPROVE - our highly practical and participative approach.
UIMPROVE stands on firm foundations, notably the work of the improvement giants - Shewhart, Deming, Juran and Tribus.
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14-15 Aug 2017
Executive Event Woodlands 1
9-10 Aug 2017
Transit Australia Group
Control Your Processes
1-3 Aug 2017
Universal Leadership Skills
Public course in Brisbane
11-13 Jul 2017
Blackpool Transport
Facilitator Development Programme
27-29 Jun 2017
Tuntum Housing Association
Universal Improvement Skills
26-28 Jun 2017
Universal Improvement Skills
Public course in Urmond
20-22 Jun 2017
Universal Leadership Skills
Public course in Maastricht
20-21 Jun 2017
Universal Data Skills
13-15 Jun 2017
Universal Improvement Skills
Public course in Alsager, Cheshire
6-8 Jun 2017
Universal Improvement Skills
30 May - 1 Jun 2017
Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads, Information Technology Branch
Universal Improvement Skills
23-25 May 2017
Thirteen Group
Universal Data Skills