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We provide training in various aspects of UIMPROVE including strategy development and implementation, project management, process improvement, teamworking, leadership and data.

Our training is most effective when it is used to embed UIMPROVE across an organisation. However, we have some seen clients get fantastic results by running just one or two stand-alone courses.

Read on for information about our most popular courses or get in touch for a chat about other ways we may be able to help.

Universal Improvement Skills

Provides an integrated set of skills, tools and techniques that are universally applicable and transferable to a wide range of activities in the workplace.

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Universal Leadership Skills

Cuts through all the hype and the fads by bringing together philosophy, tried-and-tested models and practical application to lift your leadership to the next level.

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Universal Data Skills

Robust theory brought together with practical application in a straightforward framework which can be applied at a strategic and tactical level.

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