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We are an organisational improvement specialist providing consultancy, facilitation and training in strategy development and implementation, project management, process improvement, teamworking, leadership and data.
We also provide a variety of specialist IT systems.
With consultants based in Australia, Holland and the UK, we work in a wide variety of industries and organisations at all levels from Chief Executive to front-line staff and also run a programme of public courses and conferences.
We were established in the UK in 1992 and have been working in Australia since 1999 with a proven track record for getting results through UIMPROVE - our highly practical and participative approach.
UIMPROVE stands on firm foundations, notably the work of the improvement giants - Shewhart, Deming, Juran and Tribus.
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2-3 Oct 2018
One Manchester
Executive Event
25-27 Sep 2018
Universal Improvement Skills
13 Sep 2018
Strategy Event
12 Sep 2018
North Queensland Airports
Team Event
22 Aug 2018
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
Information Technology Branch
Executive Event
13-14 Aug 2018
Executive Event
9 Aug 2018
Team Event
7-8 Aug 2018
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Corporate Division
Executive Event
11-12 Jul 2018
Blackpool Transport
Executive Event
10-12 Jul 2018
Universal Data Skills
27 Jun 2018
Caledonian Sleeper
Trial Operations Implementation Event
26-28 Jun 2018
Transit Australia Group
Universal Improvement Skills