Coronavirus - December 2020 update

Australia: We have been providing training and facilitation both face-to-face and on-line within the guidelines of the different states and are currently pretty much open for business as usual - with a few safety tweaks. We have updated our 2021 public course dates.
Netherlands: We have been providing a mix of face-to-face and on-line consultancy but at present face-to-face is pretty restricted. Public courses are currently suspended.
UK: We have been providing on-line training and facilitation and now have plenty of experience which will stand us in good stead for 2021. Face-to-face work is currently suspended. We are planning some on-line public courses.
Systems: For our Kestrel, Noriaki and Walter clients, our systems business has been operating as normal. Our usual festive visit to each client will have to wait until 2021 (but will be twice as good).

The UIC at a glance

We are an organisational improvement specialist providing consultancy, facilitation and training in strategy development and implementation, project management, process improvement, teamworking, leadership and data.
We also provide a variety of specialist IT systems.
With consultants based in Australia, Holland and the UK, we work in a wide variety of industries and organisations at all levels from Chief Executive to front-line staff and also run a programme of public courses and conferences.
We were established in the UK in 1992 and have been working in Australia since 1999 with a proven track record for getting results through UIMPROVE - our highly practical and participative approach.
UIMPROVE stands on firm foundations, notably the work of the improvement giants - Shewhart, Deming, Juran and Tribus.
New versions of the manuals for 2021
There's the usual new design for our cover and spine plus version 6.0 of The Complete Guide to Improvement and Version 12.0 of The Complete Guide to Leadership will be released in mid-2021.

13 Jan 2021
Calico Homes
Repairs Improvement Project Planning
3 Dec 2020
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
and Main Roads
Strategic Rail Project Team
Departmental Event
Oct-Nov 2020
Fundamentals of Improvement
24-25 Nov 2020
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
and Main Roads
Maritime Safety Queensland
Strategy Development Event
16-17 Nov 2020
Calico Homes
Repairs Improvement Project Kick-Start (Remote)
13-14 Oct 2020
Universal Improvement Skills
Public Course On-line
16 Sep 2020
UIMPROVE Virtual Coffee Morning
15 Oct 2020
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
and Main Roads
Corporate Division
Strategy Development Event
2-3 Sep 2020
Queensland Government
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Information Technology Branch
Executive Event
17-18 Aug 2020
North Queensland Airports
Strategy Development Event
27 & 29 Jul 2020
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Board Strategy Development Event
24 Jul 2020
UIC Friday afternoon/morning