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A facilitated event gets people in a room together and enables them to accomplish something in a structured and participative manner. We don’t run talking shops or team-building exercises, instead we run events with real outputs. We take the stress out of you having to run such activities for yourself. You can think about the topic, participate and lead instead of worrying about how things are going.

Our most popular facilitated events can be found below. Read on or get in touch to find out more.

Visit our Facilitator Development Programme page to find out more about our in-house facilitation training.

Executive Events

Dedicated time for the Executive Team – or the Corporate Brain in UIC language – to work on the most important issues facing the organisation together.

Strategy Development Events

This event does as the name suggests – allows you and your team to develop organisational and team strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Leadership Forum

‘Leadership Forum’ is our name for the top three tiers of the organisation spending vital time together to turn vision and strategy into real change.

Interface Events

Cross-organisational working can be tricky. Interface Events help you overcome some common obstacles to work collaboratively and productively with your partners.

Team Events

Improve your team’s performance by spending time together and focusing on the things that matter.

Project Events

Events that help kick-start, refocus, or review your projects.


Danny to the rescue in Kirkcaldy

Lesley and Belinda

Lesley and Belinda, One Manchester