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Strategy Development Events

This activity is intended for the Executive Team in an organisation (or sometimes large departments) to develop or review organisational (or departmental) strategies.

The exact content will be tailor-made to suit the circumstances and will take into account whether or not there are already strategies in place, how long ago they were developed and how successful they have been. The event can include:


  • Developing or reviewing the organisation’s Annual Corporate Planning Process
  • Mission and Vision review
  • Defining the Strategy Horizon (i.e. what period the strategies are intended to cover)
  • Listing the new strategies or reviewing the existing strategies
  • Articulating the ‘what’ for each strategy
  • Populating the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ for each strategy
  • Populating the Strategic Achievement Measures for each strategy
  • Identifying next steps


These are highly practical events and this type of activity usually requires 2 days. The activity gets easier and quicker year-on-year.


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