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Useful links

Here you will find links to useful resources on other websites. As links can change over time, please let us know if a link is no longer working.


The UIC on YouTube

A selection of our conference hits.



The Prophet Unheard – the best video for a quick introduction to Dr Deming


Other organisations

SPC Press – the website of the great statistician Don Wheeler


Stargate Atlantis

Performance Appraisals – practical advice


Reading about improvement

Fourth Generation Management – Brian Joiner

An easy read from Mr Triangle himself.


The Deming Dimension – Henry Neave

This is the book if you want a digestible overview of Deming’s work.


Out of the Crisis – W Edwards Deming

Not the easiest book to read but a must-have if you are serious about improvement. Best continually browsed over 20 years or so.


Managerial Breakthrough – Joseph Juran

Another must-have for your collection.


Reading about leadership

The Leader’s Handbook – Peter Scholtes

A great companion to The Complete Guide to Leadership and our Universal Leadership Skills course. Make sure you check out ‘reading for pizza’.


Reading about data

Understanding Variation – Donald J Wheeler

Make sure you get the second edition and don’t drink the whole bottle in one go.