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UIC Systems

Turn your data into information


Performance and capacity management data reporting, statistics and improvement for all modes of transport.

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Calculate Control Limits, produce and analyse Process Behaviour Charts. Identify shifts, drifts and blips at a glance in your processes so you can manage them.

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Four things you need to know
  • We’ve been in business since 2000

Our customers love our first class customer service and integrated and participative approach to development.

  • We are a niche provider

You’ll always be dealing with people you know and who know you.

  • We have a strong Organisational Improvement heritage

We know how to work with people to get what they need – and we’ll help you improve your processes along the way.

  • We know what to do next

We have years of experience in data, analytics and improvement. If you’re not sure what to do with your Big Data, we can guide you in crafting Dashboards, Analytical Tools and Reports that will get your organisation performing. Or you can get started yourself with one of our ‘out of the box’ systems.

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