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Interface Events

An Interface Event involves two or more teams that need to improve or develop the way they work together by identifying issues, blockages and actions
required for improvement.

Interface Events can be run for teams from within the same organisation or teams from different organisations that need to work closely together. In the latter scenario, this might be the Executive Team from both organisations.

The process

We start off by meeting with the leaders of the teams involved and sometimes speak to other key players. Next we put together a proposal to meet the needs identified. On the day itself we run the event, provide the structure and facilitate any tricky situations. Finally, we meet with the leaders to review the event, evaluate progress made since the event and discuss any next steps.

Occasionally, in very tricky or complex situations, we might recommend diagnostic 1-1s with key individuals prior to the event.

Two factors that lead to success

(1) It takes two to tango. Both parties need to be committed to improving the relationship.
(2) “The most useful product of an Interface Event is an ongoing meetings structure. This enables you to enact all the good intentions of the rarefied atmosphere in real life.     If you don’t, you’re stuffed.” – Peter Strachan

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