Deming and Neave

12 Days to Deming


12 Days to Deming

We are very happy to make available, on behalf of our good friend Henry Neave, 12 Days to Deming.

This page went live on 22 January 2020, our aim being to make 12 Days available to people who have been eagerly awaiting its release. To you we say: have fun.

It is unlikely you have stumbled across this by accident but, if you have, it's a goldmine so have a browse.

In the next few weeks as time allows, we will add more explanation as to how to use and navigate 12 Days and improve the look and feel of this page. But for the time being begin by clicking on 'please start here'.

Henry ... this course is nothing less than brilliant!
Don Wheeler

PDFs for downloading and printing


A - Please start here

B1 - Workbook Days 1-3

B2 - Workbook Days 4-6

B3 - Workbook Days 7-9

B4 - Workbook Days 10-12 and Optional Extras

C - Front covers for binders

D - Day 1

E - Day 2

F - Day 3

G - Day 4

H - Day 5

I - Day 6

J - Day 7

K - Day 8

L - Day 9

M - Day 10

N - Day 11

O - Day 12

P - Appendix

Q - Contributions from Balaji Reddie

R - References and Sources

S - Optional extras