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Organisational Improvement Programme

Background and principles

Organisational Improvement Programme is aimed at Direct Reports to Director-level in an organisation – the Next Tier Down in UIMPROVE language. This level of the organisation is where the high-level direction set by the top tier, or Corporate Brain, is made real. This is where the “rubber hits the road” to quote one of our long-term clients.

The benefits of getting this level working cohesively are massive. Conversely the consequences of not getting it right can significantly hinder the smooth running of an organisation.

The programme is 12 days in total in four modules each of 3 days spread over 10-12 months. The overall objective of the programme is to improve the organisation, in particular how this tier of the organisation drives forward the direction and strategies set by the Corporate Brain. In order to do this, participants need to understand their role in and how to:


(1) Contribute to and implement strategy
(2) Identify, champion, lead and participate in projects at a variety of levels
(3) Ensure routine operation is running effectively and is actively controlled
(4) Develop effective meeting structures, run and participate in productive meetings
(5) Use data in project work, for the control of routine operation, to understand and improve process performance and drive improvements in customer satisfaction
(6) Continuously improve the organisation (practically year-after-year and not just use the phrase)
(7) Ensure the people who work for them (at all levels) understand and are practically involved in all of the above and not just passive receivers of instructions and information

Who should attend?

• Direct Reports to the Corporate Brain
• It is sometimes appropriate for leaders of large teams or areas of routine operation at levels below to attend but please discuss this with us before making a decision

The focus of each module

Click on each of the headings below to find out more about each module.

• A brief history of organisational improvement
• Key Concepts that underpin the approach
• The basics of setting up and running projects
• The difference between steering and doing projects
• Annual Planning
• Project Remits
• Kick-starting projects

• Underpinning principles
• Systems and processes – what’s the difference and why this is important
• How to control a process
• How to improve a process including the Tools for Analysis
• How to error-proof a process
• Developing a system of control
• Learning Styles

• Underpinning principles
• Dr Deming’s Red Beads and Funnel Experiments
• Variation and Statistical Process Control
• How to collect and analyse customer satisfaction data and use it to drive improvement
• Dashboards and all that – developing a balanced view of how your area of the
organisation is performing

• Understanding how strategy is developed and implemented in an organisation
• The role of this level of management in strategy development and implementation
• Effective meetings and the Techniques for Productive Meetings
• Modelling positive meeting behaviours
• Leadership Forum – what, why and how
• How to make the best use of Staff Survey results
• Being more strategic


£35 000 + VAT (UK)

A discount rate is available for small organisations or those with very limited training budgets. See Our Prices for more information.

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