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Who should attend?

(1) The Chief Executive/Managing Director
(2) Directors (Direct Reports to the Chief Executive/Managing Director)

The focus of each module

Click on each of the headings below to find out more about each module.

  • A brief history of organisational improvement
  • Key Concepts that underpin the approach
  • The basics of setting up and running projects
  • The difference between steering and doing projects
  • Annual Planning
  • Project Remits
  • Kick-starting projects
  • How to develop and implement strategy
  • The Annual Corporate Planning Process
  • Leadership Forum – using the Next Tier Down of senior managers to maximum effect
  • Effective meetings and the Techniques for Productive Meetings
  • Modelling positive meeting behaviours
  • Underpinning principles
  • Systems and processes – what’s the difference and why this is important
  • How to control a process
  • How to improve a process including the Tools for Analysis
  • Developing a system of control
  • Underpinning principles
  • Dr Deming’s Red Beads and Funnel Experiments
  • Variation and Statistical Process Control
  • How to collect and analyse customer satisfaction data and use it to drive improvement
  • Dashboards and all that – developing a balanced view of how the organisation is performing
  • Underpinning principles
  • Motivation
  • Flexible Leadership
  • Leading teams
  • Leading individuals
  • How to prepare and deliver a Leader Speaks
  • The importance of organisational design


£28 000 + VAT (UK)

A discount rate is available for small organisations or those with very limited training budgets. Please enquire for further information.

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