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UIMPROVE Conference

The 2019 UIMPROVE Conference

We have taken a pause on running the UIMPROVE Conference face-to-face for the time being, but we hope to be back in the room with clients and friends of the UIC again before long.

Below you can find presentations from some of our favourite Guest Speakers from previous conferences, and there are plenty more to be found on our YouTube channel. 

Tracey Johnson and Trish Roberts – We Are Aspire

Tracey and Trish take us through the key ingredients to successfully embedding UIMPROVE and the real difference this has made to their customers.


Alison Levings – the UIC

Our very own Alison has been developing the UIC’s thinking around ‘The Marzipan Layer’, the ‘Next Tier Down’, or as one of our clients calls it, “the place where the rubber hits the road”.  Alison took us through the vital importance of this layer of management and what organisations can do make sure they are operating at their best and got participants up and working to help develop our thinking further.


Judith Burbidge – Weaver Vale Housing Trust