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Josephine operates under the UIC flag from Maastricht in Holland. After studying Economics at business school, she has worked at several companies that specialise in staffing solutions, both as an Account Manager and as a Human Resource Manager. Having done the work herself for several years, she decided to combine this with advising other companies in how to plan, organise and coordinate human resources improvement programs.


After coming into contact with the UIC through a public course, she was immediately enthusiastic about the common sense and logic that is the basis for the methodologies, tools and techniques. Although companies often invite her to look into HR related issues, she finds that the basis for the problem is usually found in the wider perspective of how the business is organised. In identifying the real problem and improving businesses, the UIC philosophy has never let her down. She has experience in facilitating projects in the automotive, insurance, telecommunication and ICT industries.


Telephone: +31 6 1107 0809