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Participants on UIC courses receive one of our manuals – either The Complete Guide to Improvement or The Complete Guide to Leadership..

Lost your manual?

If you have attended a UIC course and received either The Complete Guide to Improvement or The Complete Guide to Leadership – or any predecessors to these manuals, and heaven forbid, you lose it, we offer a replacement manual service.


There are some conditions attached to this:


(1)        You must have completed and returned the Manual Registration Form and agree to us maintaining your details on our database – subject to the usual data protection regulations depending upon where you live as explained elsewhere on the website.


(2)        You must abide by the copyright restrictions as explained fully in the manual itself but principally that you may not copy or reproduce any of the contents without our permission and you may not use any of the contents of the manual or our training courses to train or others.


Occasionally we have one or two spares to hand and if your luck is in, we’ll treat you to one of those. Otherwise, your new manual will be ordered from our printers in either Australia or the UK and provided at cost. In this case, we will send you an invoice, payment terms being 28 days from the invoice date.


Current costs


The cost does vary due to changes in the price of paper, binders, printing and shipping so the following is intended as a rough guide.


The Complete Guide to Improvement (Version 5.2)

Australia (including shipping): $165 + GST

UK (including shipping): £40 + VAT on shipping

Other countries: Please enquire


The Complete Guide to Leadership (Version 11.1)

Australia (including shipping): Please enquire

UK (including shipping): Please enquire

Other countries: Please enquire


Next update


Both manuals are due to be updated in early to mid-2021 so we advise you to delay ordering your replacement until then.


Contact us to request a quote